Stelocoin give you a world of possibilities, you may be planning a trip to a new place or need to send money to a friend or family member or you want to buy products oversea, Stelocoin can be used.

Stelocoin is a cryptocurrency which value derived from a basket of traditional currencies such as USD, INR, EUR, JPY, GBP and other's. Stelocoin follow a purchase weightage system that mean a more coin purchase by a country the more will be the weightage. In simple words, when a person buy Stelocoin the traditional currency paid by the person increase. The traditional currency collect is return to the Government in exchange for Bonds and Securities. In other words the traditional currency is retuned back to the government.


Let us take an example to demonstrate, Mr. Tom buy 200 Stelocoin for USD 200, so the weightage of USD in the basket of currencies increase by 200. As more and more people buy Stelocoin with USD the weightage increase and it gain it importance in stelocoin basket. Now let say by the end of the week 2,000 Stelocoin was brought with USD, the traditional currency collect is return back to the US Government by purchasing Government Bonds. This increase the money availability with the Government and lead to the stability of stelocoin price.

The price of Stelocoin is review daily, it is value base on the opening price of the basket of currencies in their respective weightage. We will be introduce by the end of 2019 real-time price change of stelocoin peg to forex holding.

Valuation Policy of Stelocoin

A valuation policy is decided and accept by the board of member countries. The valuation policy is a set of rules on how Stelocoin is to be valuated, policy is review every 5 years. The board of member countries can at any time increase or decrease the share of a traditional currency in the weightage basket. This change is possible by receiving a majority vote and the change is as per the guidlines in the valuation policy.

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