Stelocoin as a Payment Gateway

Stelocoin being a global recognized currency can be used as a payment gateway. This is allow faster transfer and secure transfer of cross border fund. There is no registration to use Stelocoin as a payment gateway. All you need is a Stelocoin wallet address and your funds is received is less then 30min.

Stelocoin in International Trade

Stelocoin is a digital currency which has multipurpose use. Stelocoin has one fixed rate that is revised daily, this rate is the global rate of the coin. Stelocoin cannot be traded in the open market since it is a fixed currency. Stelocoin is valued from a basket of currency, as the currencies in the basked become stronger the price rises and as the currencies in the basked become weaker the price falls.

Stelocoin can revolutionised the global international trade by being accepted worldwide. It also offering faster transfer of funds, lower transaction fees, secure transaction and many other feature over fiat money.

A transaction with Stelocoin is easy, all you need is a wallet address to send or received coins.

Why Stelocoin


Instant transactions

Stelocoin is make to be used for your day to day transaction, no matter if your transaction is large or small we provide quick and fast transfer of funds.


No Transaction Fees

Payment made with Stelocoin is free, now buy whatever you want with zero fees, use Stelocoin as a payment gateway for your day to day transaction.


Infinitely Scalable

Stelocoin can process over 1000x more transactions per second than Bitcoin, we are faster and more secure. Be a part of the change.

One Currency Many Advantages

Whatever you can do with traditional currency, you can now do with Stelocoin.

100% Reserved Backed

Faster Transaction

No Transaction Fees

Strong Security

Freely Transferable

No Minning

Legal Compliance

Price Stability

Government Control

Widespread Integration

Be a part of the revolution, Open an account and get started!

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