We are looking for smart people who want to share the vision and mission of Stelocoin. We are a new cryptocurrency and know with your support we will be able to become global leaders. We are looking to open distributes and franchise all over the world and wish to have present in more than 22 countries by the end of 2019.

We offers excellent business opportunities with no registration charges. We have a strong business related knowledge and are here to support you every step of the way. For detail to be a partner with Stelocoin send us an email on with subject line "Become a partner".


Every Stelocoin is backed by traditional currency in the form of Government Bonds and Securities.


Exchange your traditional currency at no cost. Add a stable digital currency by integrating with Stelocoin.

Why Stelocoin


Instant transactions

Stelocoin is make to be used for your day to day transaction, no matter if your transaction is large or small we provide quick and fast transfer of funds.


No Transaction Fees

Payment made with Stelocoin is free, now buy whatever you want with zero fees, use Stelocoin as a payment gateway for your day to day transaction.


Infinitely Scalable

Stelocoin can process over 1000x more transactions per second than Bitcoin, we are faster and more secure. Be a part of the change.

One Currency Many Advantages

Whatever you can do with traditional currency, you can now do with Stelocoin.

100% Reserved Backed

Faster Transaction

No Transaction Fees

Strong Security

Freely Transferable

No Minning

Legal Compliance

Price Stability

Government Control

Widespread Integration

Be a part of the revolution, Open an account and get started!

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