Frequently Asked Questions

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Pre Answred Questions

Stelocoin is a cryptocurrency that is builder with blockchain technology. It is a decentralized global currency that cannot be mined, it valued is derived from the basket of fiat money.

Stelocoin aim to become a legal tender currency, we see Stelocoin being used as a mean to buy and sell goods and services. From making online payment or paying for bus ticket or buying grossly and daily food supply, the possibilities of using Stelocoin is endless.

Unlike Bitcoin and other Altcoin, which the price charge is dependent on the Demand/Supply of the coin. Stelocoin being a government driven currency can impact economic growth of the world. The economic indicators like GDP, Inflation, Employment and other’s play a crucial role in determining the forex rate of a given country. Stelocoin can be used to create stability and prosperous growth for a country that is lead to a strong value of local currency in the forex market.

Stelocoin is to be used as a ligament legal tender, and when you purchase Stelocoin your local currency is given back to the local government. This lead to an increase in currency reserve with the government. This reserve can by use to stability the economy.

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Stelocoin is a Non-profit Organization with the motive to unite the world as one family and create a global accepted legal tender. Our staff has the motivation and determination to make Stelocoin vision a success and provided that service free. This has enable us to utilize our funds in much more needed area.

Stelocoin largely currently depend on donation, we would be receiving income from Interest on Government Bonds and Securities and from Transaction Fee levered on every transaction.

Stelocoin is a Not-profit organization and don’t not collect tax for any institution or organization. If any economy wished to level tax for transaction of Stelocoin they can collect by Indirect Tax Policies. This mean that tax will be added to product / service price and paid to the government by the manufacture / service provider. Stelocoin cannot collect any tax or form of tax for purchase of coins or when a transaction is being made.

Stelocoin will assisted the government of economies if they need any information from a particular wallet holder for the purposed of Direct Tax. We follow a tight policies and will be able to provide information only after received confirmation from wallet owner. Information about wallet shall not be provided to any third party organization for any matter included criminal investigation.

It has being seen that funds lying with the government can create an economic impact. Stelocoin is a revolution of the use of digital currency. We exchange your local currency for digital currency. The local currency is given back to the economy by the way of purchase of government bonds and securities.

Stelocoin follow a purchase weightage bucket system, which mean when local currency is exchange for Stelocoin the weightage of that currency in the basket increase. Also Stelocoin will be purchasing Government Bonds and Securities from the economy as per the weightage.

Depending on the geographical area of exchange to Stelocoin, we will be purchasing that economy Government bonds and securities.

Stelocoin being a centralized currency, its price is fixed as per the purchase basket of currencies. The Purchase basket is the average of coin purchase by an economies. If there is no new purchase the weightage of currency remain stable and does not change.