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Stelocoin is a centralized global cryptocurrency that aim to become a global legal tender. Stelocoin is build on the concept followed by Esperanto movement, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Trade Organization (ITO).

Stelocoin value is derived from the weightage of basket currencies, mean that it value is derived of the price of multiple currencies. It cannot be traded in any exchange and its price is fixed to the basket of currencies.

When Stelocoin is purchase the money received is deposited back into the economy by the purchase of Government Bonds and Securities. This is used full for the economy since it give more money with government for growth and development plans.

Stelocoin aim to become a global legal tender that mean instead of purchase currencies of difference countries or carrying fiat currency, Stelocoin will be one centralized global digital currency for the purchase of good and services.

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Write a article about your view on Stelocoin and share your idea and vision about this coin with the world. We are giving about 100 STC to 1000 STC for anyone who can write about Stelocoin online or by print media.

Write a article in your collect newspaper or local newspaper or just publish the article online and received Stelocoin.

  • Article are reviews based on - Grammar, Content, Length, Views, Links and Shares.
  • Article should be Spam free with own idea.
  • Article contend should be detailed and unique at least 300 words.
  • Should give true and correct information about Stelocoin.

Publish Article about Stelocoin

Stelocoin has the power to change the way currency is stored and used. Using blockchain platform, Stelocoin is secure, no fees and fast.

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We are look for the below contract building,
  • Setup Stelocoin as a mean of payment in your community, organization or country.
  • Contract with exchange for distribution of Stelocoin.
  • Build relationship with International and Trade Organization.
  • Any contract that can help us promote and market Stelocoin.
Leaders Board
Rank Name Claim Address
1st Dave 10,000 STC sdeDESdfdfjio234sdfewfsvfdndg
2nd Jim 9,500 STC sdfsdfDFEsdfphipohlnhlkn80470
3rd Kim 7,000 STC rewrpojlckvjpdfvDFEho7987sdfj

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Send an email to with subject line "Claim STC" the below information,

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The process take about 3 working day to approval claim request and received coins.

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