What is Stelocoin?

Stelocoin is a cryptocurrency that is builder with blockchain technology. It is a centralized global currency that cannot be mined, it valued is derived from the basket of traditional currency such as USD, EUR, GBP, INR and other currencies. Stelocoin has got its name from the stelo ("star"; plural: steloj). Its name was also used as the monetary unit of Esperantists in 1945 to 1993, they aims to achieve a single world currency. Stelocoin is built on a similar values followed by the Esperanto movement. It also incorporate principal of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Trade Organization (ITO) to make it universally suitable for all countries to adopt.

Stelocoin objective is to have one single digital global currency. We believe that Stelocoin can replace the need to hold traditional currencies coin and notes and will allow quick, easy and safe way to store your money. There is a growing need to have a global accepted currency, Stelocoin give a combined of both blockchain technology and traditional currencies. Stelocoin can be used to made online payments, transfer money oversea, buy products/services in your own country, made payment oversea or just send money to a friends. Stelocoin can make your life a lot easier.

We believe that the world can unit together into one family by having a single global currency. This will promote peace and lead to a faster growth of the world. Made the world a better place, join the world as one family, buy Stelocoin and show your support.

Stelocoin aim to become a Global legal tender, so when you want to buy a product you can use Stelocoin to make payments, in time we hope to replace paper notes and metallic coin with Stelocoin digital currency.

Stelocoin cannot be mined since its value is derived from the weightage of basket currencies due to this Stelocoin rate is stable and does not change a lot like other cryptocurrencies. Stelocoin follow the similar principal as IMF Special Drawing Right (SDR) while distributing it weight among traditional currencies.

Stelocoin Vision

To have a single global accept digital currency that is accept by all countries and to unity the world as one single family.

Stelocoin Mission

We are on a mission to made Stelocoin a success. Our objective is as below,

  • Create a single global accept digital currency.
  • Supporting the implementation of the Global monetary policy.
  • To maintain a stable global currency price.
  • To educate and promote Stelocoin to Government and Trade Organization.
  • Minimising systemic risk in the payments market.
  • Support courtiers in increasing forex reserved.
  • Increasing the efficiency of cross-border payments in Stelocoin.
  • Forming a board of countries representatives to decide on policies.

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